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UAE Mental health history

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

UAE states in four decades and is known for its fast development. That primarily embraces scientific progress in every aspect, indeed including health. As the UAE Government is working collaboratively to improve the public health condition with a particular focus on noncommunicable diseases and mental health.

In the mid of the 70s, mental health services were established in the United Arab Emirates. And in the 80s, Psychological services were perceived as supportive services in treating patients as the government established some federal laws in 1981 that are specific to people with mental illnesses and disabilities.

Is psychology an active subject matter in the UAE? What is the status of psychology in the UAE? How does psychology impact social, cultural, and geographical circumstances? These are questions that I asked myself as an Emirati woman. And as I'm interviewing Justin Thomas, I had my answers from an outsider's eye, which allows me to see the big picture. The United Arab Emirates is a country that states on four decades and developed quickly. It primarily embraces scientific progress in every aspect, including health. But the UAE society is strict and attached to traditions, which does not push forward a subject matter such as psychology because it's a shame on their opinion. In our society, we can see people who are ashamed to ask for a psychologist's help because of what others think, and some people see talking about visiting a psychologist as "a shame". So, in either situation, you will be judges by someone because you seek help for your self-benefit.

The psychologist's need on our daily-base either by being our psychologist or having a psychologist. In general, life will provide for you the result of the collection decision that we make every day, either its simple and tiny decision or complicated and extensive decision. So, when we are mostly happy, we share our happiness with our loved ones. Still, when we are in a difficult position or sad, we usually try to solve it without depending on others. In these situations, we need someone professional who can ask for his help and advice on making the right decision by thinking about all the consequences. Because of that, the psychologist is essential in their field. They provide a permanent solution because they help the patient decide to change and be a better person who can think about how his decision will benefit themselves and the community. While the psychiatrist offers the solution through medication most of the time, so the patient became such a diabetic patient who is not allowed and can't stop the medicine at the same time. This means that their permanent solution is to stay taking the medication for life.

Finally, this analysis that the United Arab Emirates, our government aims to normalize the idea of visiting a psychology hospital for any reason.

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