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Guideline to change your psychologist

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

According to PsychCentral, there are seven tips for changing your psychologist to discuss in this blog.

Deciding to change psychologist comes with many new questions that the patient must ask himself/herself before changing, for example, why I want to change my psychologist? If I want to change my psychologist, how will I do start over with the new psychologist? What I'm looking forward to in my new psychologist? Where do you begin? What do you do? Do I have to tell him about my old psychologist and psychotherapy I experience and if I want a different type of psychotherapy?

Here are the seven tips you have to follow:

1. Inform your current psychologist – be prepared to answer some basic questions

about your decision.

2. You are legally entitled to a copy of your record – it will help your future psychologist

better understand where you are at.

3. If you still need a new therapist, ask for recommendations – usually, psychologist

knows a good fit or a bad fit for their patients.

4. Put your fear and don't punish yourself for not feeling comfortable about your psychologist's combination.

5. Consider taking a therapy break during the therapy or even before changing the psychologist – people sometimes need a break (even from positive things).

6. Prepare yourself for re-telling your story all over again – even if your new psychologist has a copy of your records, they are still going to want to hear it from you.

7. Approach your new psychologist from a fresh perspective – try to change from

female psychologist to male psychologist or the opposite for a new perspective

and opinion on your status.

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