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The decision to visit a psychologist in the UAE

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

What is the reaction of Emirati Society when it comes to visiting psychologists?

The consequences of deciding to visit a psychologist are dire in the UAE. That causes problems in their and the rest of the family member’s marriages. For example, suppose someone hears that one of the "Al***" family women are visiting a psychologist. In that case, no one wants to propose to any family women because they are afraid that all of the women are mentally ill.

In another case, some knows that they need a psychologist, but he/she will refuse to visit because he/she is afraid that the visit will affect their CVs when requesting a job as they need to include the certificate of good conduct. All of that is due to Emirati family’s nature because they are large and interconnected.

Is seeing a psychologist is the right choice? it is the right choice but not in all cases. Because sometimes, they will refuse to interact with the psychologist, and here when they need the psychiatric. They will give the patient medication for a specific period until they start talking and sharing with the psychologist. In addition, some people are psychologically minded because the patient thinks that the psychologist will fix him/her. He/she asks the psychologist to fix him/her; this type of patient with that mentality ill will be better under a psychiatric observation than a psychologist.

Eventually, going to a psychologist in our society seems to have many negative consequences than positives. Therefore, this option's road is a long, challenging, bumpy

long road and needs a strong and decisive person.

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